Why Sex Work Is Real Work

It’s so easy to think and believe why sex work isn’t real work. I mean all you do is lay there on your back, spreading your legs, doing nothing while a stranger pumps away. Right? If you’re someone who thinks that sex work isn’t real work, this post is for you – so keep reading to find out more about why sex work is REAL WORK.


First let’s pry your heads out of your asses, and clear your ears of the shit you so comfortably love having clogged them with. Oh, and you’re starting to stink, real bad, rotten as matter of fact!

I’m only going to touch on why the “anti’s” continually force feed the masses about exploitation and the conflation of human trafficking. The inherent belief that all sex work is sexual exploitation done under duress, control, or dependency to some illicit substance or behavior. 

The Confines of a Relationship

Sex sacred between two loving, consenting adults, only within the confines of a relationship. Outside of it, it’s degrading, dehumanizing, meaningless activities that should be controlled by those who think and say they know better. 

I’ve got your back….. do you? Do you really? Or do you just want the money?

People who don’t live our lives, but of course, still believe to know better, because who in their right mind would allow themselves to be touched by a complete stranger in such a personal way? Doing some of those disgusting acts, because how could they be pleasurable?

Some of the rhetoric wantonly thrown about by these so called “do good” NGO’s desperate to keep the flow of money coming into their coffers. To keep paying their wages, for jobs not at all 

well done.

Bored Housewives

Manipulating politicians, and bored house wives, with false stories of human suffering and blah blah blah………..

Breathe, Velvet breathe!

Sex work is real work, and let me tell you why!

Comparatively speaking, any work that requires a degree of touch can be thrown into this mix. The 5% of actual sexual activity truly does take a back seat, but it’s that activity, the so called do-gooders are fixated on. 


This is no small feat. Great care and time is required to produce the best endorsement of the services provided. From the alluring and descriptive text, to the accompanying  sexy photos. Then there is the location for this display to be communicated. Print was the method of choice prior to the explosion of the internet. And if you were lucky enough to find a publication that allowed this kind of content, advertisers were generally hit with a hefty fee. 

The internet is the beast that has pretty much pushed out publication advertising. Still there are those in favor of that old school method, but most have moved over to electronic publishing’s. For the tech savvy, the lion’s share have taken the time to learn the process of online notices and websites, not only saving a ton of money, but learning the art of self commodification. Selling the unique services, personalities, and appearances we all celebrate.

Money Management 

Like all good accountants managing tight budgets, the same applies here. The incomes earned are always put to good use. A roof over one’s head, food on the table, clothes on your back, medical, dental, insurance, and appearances.

All aspects here I could most certainly elaborate on, but I truly think you get the point. Balancing a good budget in occupations and associated life takes a great deal of skill, dedication, and patience.

Keeping Up Appearances 

I remember a conversation I had some years ago with a man I didn’t know was a cop, and I had mentioned, as we got into the subject of health, that I thought it was “unfortunate that many police officers were fat and out of shape!” To which his reply was, “well they don’t pay us to work out!” If I ever heard bullshit, that was certainly one of those moments.

I’m not too familiar with an occupation that actually pays you to work out and keep yourself looking your best. Sex work, is no exception, but who doesn’t want to take pride in their appearance and health? It costs a lot to look good! Dolly Parton made it clear that for her, “it costs a lot to look this cheap.” She’s right!

Gym memberships, personal trainers, hair, make-up, clothes, nails, skin, the works. I do find it truly amazing that no one bats an eye over the Dairy Queen attendant who feverishly pumps iron in their off time, or the beautifully coiffed bus driver. A sex worker? Heavens forbid,  because how could you think to sell vigor, vim, and vitality, with a youthful appearance? 

Such stigma, such discrimination, shame….

Artful Conversation 

As I said before, most activity is relegated to 95% conversation and socializing, to 5% sexual. Of course the opposite is true with fetish service. We are conversationalists, therapists, counselors. Learning your deepest thoughts and desires, along with your feelings and daily life activities. So why wouldn’t we know the art of conversation?

We’re certainly engaged in active listening, which is more than I can say for a good portion of the rest of the population. The amount of courses and programs out there offered by the educational institutions on counseling, language, culture, to name a few, are endless! What comes naturally to some, others pay a small fortune to study. If a provider is to spend any time with a client, you can bet your bottom dollar, conversation is to be had. Education on any level plays a key role, and all sex workers I know are gleefully enrolled in some form or learning or course. I guess the best example of that I can give is the Geisha of Japan, taking years to learn the arts of conversation, dance, art, instrument, dress, and fashion.

I feel like I could go on here page after page of wording, but I won’t, I’m not writing a novel. So think twice next time you think to believe that sex work is not real work. Stop your obsession with the sex! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Enticingly Yours,

Velvet Steele