What to Wear, What to Wear. A Guide to the Best Clothing for Female or Female-Identifying Sex Workers

How many times have you stared blankly at a closet full of clothes and screamed in your head: “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” I know I have which is why I decided to make this guide to the best clothing for female-identifying sex workers to help all my sex worker sisters out!

You may be thinking of getting into the business, have already gotten your feet wet, or maybe you’re looking for inspiration on how to shake things up a bit for your client and for yourself. 

So here’s my list of the best clothing for female-identifying sex workers for you to consider when you decide to shop for something.

Are you the super cute Girl Next Door who purrs like a kitten? The exotic Femme Fatale who moves like a sleek panther? Maybe you are the BDSM Goddess whose creative mind keeps them thrilled. You could be a nice wholesome teacher or librarian who’s sexiness shines through even the most simple ensemble. Ahh, but maybe you are the foxy and very sexy pornstar, ready to knock their socks off!

You might resonate with any one of these personas, or maybe there’s a bit of all of them in you! 

The demographics of your client base will often determine the kind of looks you will be needing. By being flexible and prepared, you can offer more types of looks, to attract more types of customers. It is likely the easiest thing you can do to make more money. 

By offering extras like this, you show yourself to be a professional who cares about your client’s experience. This increases your perceived value, so you can increase your price.

Sexy lacy lingerie is likely to be your ATF go-to…

Beautiful black lace bra, panties and garters will always be your most highly requested look. Go with a good quality brand, as you will be washing these a lot. Have several sets on hand. 

Finding other colours or even a patterned set is a nice change for your regulars who prefer this lingerie look. Stockings could be stay ups, if you are comfortable with them. Soft-band stockings are a good choice if the stay ups cut into your thighs too much.

Wearing stockings isn’t always requested, but they can add a lot to the seduction of your client. A slow strip tease is so much fun with stockings! Garter and stocking aficionados (there are many) may want you to wear them for your whole date, so putting your panties on over top of the garters may be the best way to be ready for that type of client.

The bra/panties/garters/stockings look is iconic, timeless, and would be something you would wear under many of the looks you could use in your role play, if you offer that service. You’ll also want many photos of yourself in this gorgeous gear for your web presence, or to send to clients if you use pics to entice them. 

A Short Skirt and a Long Jacket… and don’t forget the high heels!

You might not be old enough to remember the song I referenced in the title, but the virtues of this combo were made very popular in the 90’s. It is an extremely sexy look and very versatile. 

A higher quality, above the knee skirt in black, really rounds out so many looks on its own. With it, you could wear an elegant satin blouse for dinner dates, or a buttoned, collared shirt for a teacher or librarian look. The jacket should be fairly classy and high quality too, and it should nip in at the waist to show off your figure. You might find this as a matched suit, or buy them separately. 

Wearing your jacket without a blouse can work beautifully and looks very sexy. Using it as a quick cover up when you are just wearing bra and panties is very handy and can hide your not-so-favourite parts in a photoshoot. Some of my favourite photos are jackets and lingerie.

A sexy suit may end up being your favourite outfit as you will be using it often, especially on your way to an outcall in a beautiful hotel. The sexy business boss look is irresistible to many clients. Classy and smart and very sexy. This woman knows what she wants!

Great Shoes 

Most looks aren’t complete without shoes. High heels are your go-to. Yes, lingerie needs high heels too if you can manage them. If not, you may want to re-think stockings and garters, though in the heat of passion, does it matter? The girl next door in jeans or shorts and a tank top can wear flip flops! High boots can be very sexy too with some outfits.

The Infamous Corset – why does this torture device have to look so good?

A good, real, steel-boned corset is the most difficult, most ridiculous thing you will ever wear in your life. But for some special clients, or for a photoshoot, this is an invaluable tool, not only for your figure but for your mind-set. There is no feeling quite like one you’ll get by wowing your audience in that amazing corset.

You will love being seen in this incredible “photoshop-in-real-life’ garment. It is actually a sculptural apparatus that can whittle away many inches off your waist instantly. You will have a waistline like you’ve never had before. You will feel like a fierce goddess who cannot be ignored. You will LOVE taking it off! 

Your client may try to help you remove it, and the potential difficulty can add to some laughter and give your session some special memories. Do ensure your client gets time to enjoy how beautiful you look before you let him remove it. Let them savor it for a while.. You deserve the adoration!

Finding a corset you can do up yourself may be difficult. I choose traditional lacing with the lace tied and bowed in the middle at your waist, and this arrangement is much easier to loosen. You’ll need to practice, but it is definitely do-able. 

Depending on the style, you could wear it with or without a bra. Your garter and stockings will look amazing with a coordinating corset. 


There are usually a fair number of clients who request this look, and it’s a nice change from lingerie. It’s super easy and no fuss. Gotta love them under daisy dukes and a tank top or with festival wear. Should you be whisked away on a working weekend, you’ll most definitely need a few for the beach or pool at your hotel. 

Club Wear

The sexiest short, body hugging dress is a must have. Answering the door of your in-call space in a hot dress that screams “I’m young and fun and want to dance the horizontal mambo with you”, is a no-fail approach for your pornstar-loving client. 

Fetish Wear

So many clients are submissive and have no idea where to start in a sexual encounter. By wearing fetish gear, you can really get into the role of the wickedly sexy woman who can take over and make your shy guy fall to his knees. 

PVC is an amazing fabric. It’s shiny and beautiful. It’s durable and hand washable. You can wear it snugly and it can hide every imperfection. 

Wearing a zippered pvc skirt with a zip-up matching top along with high pvc boots and fishnet pantyhose or stockings will make you feel so bad-ass, you will have them eating out of your hand. Hopefully your other hand will be holding a crop or flogger! 

BDSM props can be used just for effect or really used directly on your client, though you will always want a lot of previous experience prior to your professional debut as a dominatrix. Safety and consent is of the utmost importance. 


Love them or hate them, you will have requests for them. Not always the most flattering if you are plus sized, but you can find ones that are big enough in the front to make you feel confident. They’re wonderful for photoshoots too, and for pornstar sessions. 

Paying a little more for quality usually pays off a lot in comfort. You may find your thongs disappearing though, as some clients may want them as a souvenir. I recommend that if someone asks for you to wear a thong, mention as you book that it is available for purchase. 

Everyday, nice clothing

A couple of nice outfits you can wear to an elegant dinner is imperative. You could also have some nice casual wear that can take you from a walk in the park to a pub style restaurant. Your job will throw many interesting opportunities your way. It’s important to always be prepared and look clean, fresh and professional. 

What Not to Wear

Poorly fitting garments never look or feel good

It is a terrible idea to buy something that is too small, even if you have nice curves. Not only does it look less than ideal, it also could hinder your sexy moves and can hamper access for some really fun foreplay. You will also just not feel comfortable. 

You have a lot to think about during your appointment. The last thing you need is to worry about how you will look with your panties cutting into your hips. If you want something that hugs your body, make sure it stretches and doesn’t dig into your flesh in an unflattering way. 

Super trendy, fast fashion

Please don’t waste your money on fast fashion throw away clothes. If you can’t afford good quality at retail prices, shop at the high-end second hand and vintage stores. Quality is much more important than quantity. 

Don’t load yourself up on clothing you don’t know that you’ll wear for sure.  A “just in case” closet can get very expensive, and is likely unnecessary. Buy your clothes based on the personas you really believe you will enjoy. 

Clothes that don’t make you feel fantastic

You should be wearing clean, new-looking clothes that you love. Never wear pilled, worn-out, unflattering anything. You’re getting paid a lot of money for your service, you should look like you care about what you’re wearing and have taken the time to care for your clothing. Good quality clothing can look new for years with proper care. 

If you want to attract the client who is willing to pay more, you have to dress the part. 

Shoes that are too high to walk in

If you must, stick to 3 inch heels instead of 4. If you can’t walk elegantly in high heeled shoes, sometimes high heeled boots can be more supportive and easier to wear.

Stumbling around the bedroom trying to look sexy isn’t a great look. On the other hand it could be a super fun laugh with the right client. I have been there and done that!


Know your client and be sure it’s okay to wear perfume. If they say no perfume that means NO PERFUME. Be aware of highly fragranced shampoos  and body lotion. Try to stick to unscented products as much as you can.

So there you are, ready to have fun!

What we wear contributes greatly to the client experience, and so it will affect how you enjoy your sessions as well. 

Why not take some time to clean out your closet of the useless items and find special ones that make you feel powerful and beautiful. By catering to your client’s dream woman fantasy, your reputation will precede you and you’ll be seen as upper echelon. Your wallet will thank you!

So that’s my list, though certainly I’ve missed some items you may find work really well for you. A Baby Doll nightie perhaps? Remember the main thing of importance here is that:

  1. You feel comfortable and very sexy!
  2. You’re trying your best to please your client. 
  3. You look sharp and professional because your clothes fit well, and are quality items. They are clean and look new. 
  4. You don’t go crazy and spend too much money. If you can only afford a nice bra and panties set, that’s it for now! You’ll build your wardrobe as your bookings increase. 
  5. Your clothing should always add pleasure to your session. If you just can’t get the corset thing working for you, let it go and wear something else! 

I hope this was informative and helpful. Ultimately, your wardrobe isn’t the most important part of your work, but it sure can give you the confidence necessary to give your client a great experience! 

I’ll bet you have favourites I haven’t mentioned. We’d love to hear your ideas! The Naked Post is looking for contributors!