Top Ten Benefits of Being An Independent Sex Worker

#1 – We get to get paid to make people happy

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent your whole life hoping that people are happy when they spend time with you.. 

For many of us, this is such a difficult thing to find. Maybe you grew up in less than ideal surroundings, where misery loves company, and happiness isn’t even on the radar. Or maybe you lived a life in which you believed being accepted was only realized when you gave something up. That it was inevitable that you’d always get the short end of the stick. 

Well lo and behold, a miracle has happened! One of the benefits of being an independent sex worker is that you give AND get paid. Finally, you win!

#2 – We get to wear amazing things you never thought you’d ever wear

Being a fantasy provider, your clients want so many different looks. You could be wearing a lacy bra, garter and panties,  a Zena Warrior costume, PVC from head to toe, 7 inch platform spiked heels, Wigs, wings, whips. You name it. 

Depending on your offerings, you may even have a huge closet full of wonderfully fun garments and props to create the event your client is looking for. It’s like your own version of Burning Man, every day!

The end result? You look better than you ever have your whole entire life!

Yes, you might be a bit more high maintenance! But the payoffs are incredible. Always being a bit tanned (if you’re naturally a ghost like me), always having great hair, always having nails and toes looking good. Your trips to various salons and spas for all those services are a pricey part of upkeep, but are also relaxing and enjoyable. Being vain is a big part of your job, so enjoy it!

#3 – Working out is a part of our job

You may think, what?? This is a good thing? Oh hell ya, it is, because for many of us, if we are not forced to have a regular weight training exercise routine, we won’t! When your body is being seen daily, you’ll likely take much better care of it. 

Lots of safe sex is also great for your heart and other body parts.

The cardio! Oh, so much cardio. Marathon sessions can be a common thing, and for that you will get very strong, in many ways. Your thighs will be made of steel. In fact, many sex workers could crush walnuts with their pelvic floor muscles. 

#4 – We experience sexuality in so many different ways

There are many different ideas of what is sexy.. of what will turn your clients on. 

For example, they could be so vanilla, but specific with what they want you to wear. It’s all about the visuals. 

Some clients are submissive and shy, and want to be overwhelmed. Some are porn star wanna-bes,who want to try anything and everything. Some are fabulous cross-dressing superstars, who love dressing up,smoking long cigarettes, and having their stockings caressed. There are even role playing story masters whose scenario will have you acting roles you could never have imagined. 

The variety of sexual experiences is a real benefit of being an independent sex worker.. It really gives you a better understanding of human nature, and with that understanding, you can move forward in your life with even more compassion.

#5 – We Get to be our own boss

Not only is getting to be your own boss a major benefit of being an independent sex worker, but you also get to offer what you want, when you want. And you get to choose the clients you want, and market yourself the way you want. 

Of course, you can usually make as much money as you want, too. This relies on the laws of economics, how good you are at your job, and how realistic you are. You may not be able to offer what will make you more money at first, but eventually you can set yourself up with a great in-call, and all the accouterments to offer exactly what your clients of choice want. In this way, you can also make a niche for yourself, and become very successful. 

# 6 – We get to thumb our nose at the establishment

All your life, you’ve been told what to do by your family, your teachers, your boss, the government…the whole damned world. 

You’ve been told sex is bad, sex work is sinful and evil, and in some places, it is illegal. You know in your heart this is totally wrong. It is misogynistic and patriarchal. 

In fact, all sex workers do is offer a service that can be healing, loving, and kind. A service that can relieve stress and give people hope. It is so wanted and so necessary, so why do they say otherwise?

Well, to hell with them and their patriarchal, righteous bullshit!

# 7 – We get to have a deep, dark, delicious secret

Admittedly, this is a double edged sword, but did you ever think you would have such an incredibly incendiary secret? 

It is like living on the edge.. it is scary and thrilling and can give you a kind of high you’ve never experienced before. Living a secret side-life can make you feel like you’re able to eat Haagen-Dazs every day, and not gain weight. 


Of course! The money! Why else do we work at all? 

Being a sex worker is a job almost any person can do, but not all are cut out for.  

For example, being an independent provider on the higher end of the pay scale is not hard to break into, and it pays very well, even if you don’t have an education. 

Yes, the more education you have, the better money you will likely be able to earn, but life experience and the school of hard knocks counts more in sex work than in any other job. 

You need to see your assets, know yourself well enough to know what your boundaries are, have a great attitude, and believe in yourself. It really helps if you can enjoy many types of people, and of course, really enjoy making them happy. Earning well into six figures is also doable and not that difficult. 

# 9 – We get to Enjoy Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves

This sounds crazy, but think about this. Eventually we have all of our survival needs met, and we become bored with just entertaining ourselves and relenting to the incessant acquisition of material goods. We want our lives to be about more than just this, don’t we? We can use these fantasy encounters to create the most compassionate, most loving versions of ourselves. We can become the kind of humans we really want to be. 

There are so many opportunities to be good to people in this business. To be kind and compassionate with our clients. They are trusting with their very personal needs. Many times these needs are psychological. They could be very shy or lacking in self esteem. It really is wonderful to help these people find their confidence. We can really do good work here.

And last, but certainly not least…

# 10 – The SEX!

One of the best benefits of being an independent sex worker is that you will have amazing sex with some of your clients. In fact, probably most of the best sex of your life will be had during your time as a sex worker. 

Of course, there will be times when you look up and think you should just repaint the ceiling, but if you put in what you think is the best you can do, at least you can enjoy how damn good you are.

That was my top ten list. It was a huge surprise to me to find so many things I loved about sex work. My feelings were so positive and strong, they eclipsed any of the shame society tries to cover us with. It made me even more fierce! 

Were these benefits a surprise? Did you imagine the positives? I wonder how many of you doing escort-type sex work have found similar benefits? I could think of more, but these came up quickly for me. Have any stories of benefits you’d like to add to the list? Why not become a contributor?