Top 5 Tips for New Escorts, From the Professionals

Putting together this list of top tips for new escorts was my pleasure, since escorting has always been my best source of reliable revenue in the adult sex world. I like how easy it is to get into — just call up an agency, send photos, and you can be at work the same day! 

Even if you start the day broke, you can take amazing care of somebody for an hour or two, and then go home with a few hundred (thousand) bucks in your pocket, and a smile on your face!

But, this is consensual adult sex work, and we need to take measures to be safe and successful in this business. So, I asked a few of my seasoned industry colleagues in Vancouver, BC, to help me come up with a list of the Top 5 Tips for New Escorts.  

My pals and I are proud to pass along our hard-earned wisdom to those who are new,  or are considering escorting as a line of work.

Tip #1 -Have an exit strategy that does not involve getting married to a client.

Derek – adult photographer and madame’s assistant, retired

Most of us enter sex work with a financial goal in mind. For me, I did it to finance working capital during the start-up phase of one of my businesses, and I also did it when I was going to university so I could study and get top grades.  

Every time I got into sex work, it was because I was taking my life in a new direction and needed some money to help me get there. Escorting helped me achieve some of my goals & dreams.

Yet, sex work — while profitable — is very demanding on the mind, body, and spirit. Most of us cannot do it for long periods of time without taking breaks to rejuvenate ourselves. And, during these times, we need another career option to financially sustain us. That’s why I suggest you plan for your post sex work career while you’re working, so that you’ll have an easy exit whenever you need it.

And Derek’s right; marrying clients is a bad exit strategy! We sell fantasy. Our clients fall in love with the “work us” not the “real us.” Don’t waste your time. Also… fuck relying on men to rescue us!  Life ain’t no “Pretty Woman” movie.

Tip #2-Work with others to learn the ropes (parlor/agency). It’s worth paying a cut to get the knowledge they have about screening, price, health, etc.

Susan Davis, sex worker and advocate. 

I absolutely support this tip 100%. Although I had been in the sex industry for quite some time doing porn, when I decided to become an escort, the only thing I knew how to do was fuck. I didn’t know how to screen callers, place escort ads, network, or any of that stuff. Also, I didn’t want to do those things. I just wanted to show up, work my magic, and get back to my life ASAP.

Agencies, (the good ones), are a fantastic way for a new escort to get started. They have a roster of safe, existing clients that are good with new hires, they do all the administration work, provide the venue, and they are invested in keeping you safe. But, not all agencies are good ones. Do your research and ask around.

The downside of agencies is the sticker shock. Sure, they bill you for top dollar, but you have to split it with them — usually 50/50. But you know what? If you are new to the industry, the cut is absolutely worth it. Trust me.

And sure, once you’ve been in the biz a while and learned a few things, you can always go independent. Just please don’t start that way if you are new to the industry.

Tip #3-Protect your health. Your body is a tool and you only get one.

Escorting is a physical career where we use our bodies to bring pleasure to others. Our bodies are our tools. We need to take excellent care of our tools if we are going to have a long healthy career.  

As in all careers, worker and workplace safety issues are a serious matter we need to address.  If we get injured or ill on the job, we cannot work. We’re really on our own out there. Sex work isn’t legitimized and sex workers don’t currently qualify for social programs such as EI.

So, we gotta take care of ourselves! That means, at minimum, protecting ourselves from STDs and other transmissible things. It also means getting sleep, eating well, seeking help when we need it, and connecting with our loved ones.  

Escort work is demanding and we must be proactive in ensuring our bodies and our health are well taken care of, so we can keep making magic happen for our clients.

Tip #4 -Always take control of the session

TNTAnnie: independent provider based out of White Rock. BC, founder of

Remember, we are professional service providers of a consumer sex experience for clients.  They pay to experience our particular style of sex magic. Therefore, we must be in control of the situation from the moment of the client’s first contact, to the final goodbye.  

Not only is this smart service, it’s smart business! Annie explains that taking control of the session:

  • Discourages boundary pushing by client
  • Makes you appear professional and prepared
  • Decreases emotional labour spent on client
  • Delays predatory behaviour to help keep us safe

In addition, Annie recommends that you:

  • Plan out the session from beginning to end
  • Direct the client through the experience (eg: where to put the donation, where to put clothing, where to wash up)  
  • Explain how the session will go, including time expectations  
  • Set aside the last 20 minutes of the session for the client to shower and dress

Tip #5 – Learn how to handle creepy clients who act out

Every once in a while, we all end up booking a date with a creepy client who acts out with inappropriate behavior. Sometimes, we can make a safety call and help will soon arrive on the scene. Other times, we simply need to get through the moment as safely as possible.  

For those other times, Annie shares her protocol for dealing with creepy clients using just wits and charm:

  • Use body language to indicate displeasure with the behavior– pulling away, pushing their hand away or to a better spot, etc.
  • Change body position to take away their access to whatever body part the client is inflicting the acting out behavior on
  • Teasingly say, “Don’t be naughty!”
  • Take a bathroom break to regroup
  • Put on a game face and get through the session with grace & charm
  • Take extensive notes on client and date, and block them

Escorting can be a great way to earn good money while making people happy. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Do your research, take it slow, and be safe!  Connect with others in the industry to find out the good and bad in your area, and let seasoned professionals show you the ropes.

And if there’s only one thing to remember, it’s this: always secure the payment before delivering the service.