Sexy Selfie Tips

Hot photos aren’t aren’t always the product of the multi dollar camera kit. If you’re a seasoned pro with the know-how to pose, you already know that a good cell phone will get you the money shot. Here I’ve got some easy peasy sexy selfie tips, for those without thousands to spend. 

If you haven’t already done so I would suggest reading my article on Sexy Pic Tips for Sex Workers. As with both of these articles there’s a lot of crossover info, and crossover uses for those outside of the SWer community. We all gotta own it.

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not sure if it’s about the portrayal of the genders as it is about attitude. A good image will sell your wares clearly. Prospective viewers and or clients will be able to decipher what’s on offer not only with the visual, but the accompanying text.

Getting all the necessary gear to capture the picture perfect “look” one might be after, takes money, and sometimes a lot of time. For myself and many of my colleagues, along the way, we’ve been able to share with each other the simple ideas for the print ready sexy selfie.

To make it simple I’ve broken it down into six separate tips;

1. Lighting 

Using what you have available in your own location can yield some truly amazing stuff. From a bedside lamp to your overhead kitchen island brights, to those jarring bathroom whites. I like to remind folks that all lights have a different glow, that will or will not look good to light you up. Don’t confuse them, and rule of thumb don’t blend them. This little bulb guide (insert link here) will help you out to better understand what to use, when and where. But, not always the rule

Also light temperatures are NOT the same, and are compared against the measure of Kelvin with the sun as the basis. I suggest you familiarize yourself with that as well (insert link here). 

A great setting I like to use is 4300 kelvin, a bright white daylight that makes all skin tones look great, I just play with the brightness percentages. That’s because I use LED mini panels and a few large scale ones.

Those without an LED system, should identify what you want to downplay or accentuate and position that light source accordingly. Utilizing the varied wattages available also helps to soften or strengthen the features. Utilize your dimmer switch, or drape a cloth over a lamp shade to have it act like a softbox.

Use smaller low wattage lights as fill lights for your hair, boobs, butt and crotch. Hey, it’s what you’re trying to sell. I have a box of differing bulbs on hand for just such uses.

2. Posing

Chin up and eyes straight into the camera, shoulders back, stomach in, and chest out. Yes you’ve heard it before and it does truly apply here. Be comfortable with your body and own it. Looking awkward lets the viewer know you may not be confident enough to provide what you want to. NO SALE! But don’t get into a pose so hard to hold, its painful and leaves you with cramps. Also if it isn’t natural to you, chances are it doesn’t LOOK natural!

Now this is where some of the attitude comes in. Yes I mentioned chin up and straight on, but that’s not always the case. You can most definitely get arty by positioning your face and jaw in angles of old Hollywood.

Eyes at the camera in this context, draws the viewer in, makes that contact, even if you aren’t looking at someone. Know where your lens is and look directly at it. Do your come hither glances or down on your knees command. They’ll get the message.

3. Angles

No I’m not talking body or face, as you’ll practice that with your poses. Here I’m referring to your cell phone camera. A camera lower than your face angled up, is good, the string dominant look, usually masculine. But beware, it can also give the illusion of a double chin, up the nose or a definition free neck jaw and chin that’s not at all flattering.

A camera positioned higher than your face while you tilt your head towards it and glance towards the lens, softens a face. It gives definition, portrays seduction and  (can) submission. Usually used to portray femininity.

Camera angles along with posing can also foreshorten or lengthen. 

This section can be great fun, you just need to determine what your end goal is. Again a mirror always works if you aren’t looking at the screen of your camera to see how you look.

4. Detail 

Attention to your hair, make-up, nails, cleanliness and accoutrément always pays off. I’ve said it before, “there is no accounting for laziness” and in those famous words by Helena Rubinstein, “there are no ugly women, just lazy women”! I agree 100%. and the same goes to the men, trans folks, gender fluid, and non-binary. Put your effort into it. You won’t regret it.

5. Set

Find the areas in your place that give you the most for the least amount of effort. If the lighting is already there, use it. If the background is already the decor you love, use it. If it’s a versatile spot to convey a multitude of feelings and services, again, use it! 

Don’t reinvent the wheel if the road is well traveled or the waters make for smooth sailing.

But keep the location clean, because chances are this is where you’re conducting business, and folks like to see that. 

6. Attitude

I know you’ve got it, give it to me! Show me what you are made of and sell that commodity to you! Make me want it, make me want you. Come on, give me that wink and turn it on…………

One little bit extra… need to be ruthless and critical of your shots, you’ll love a lot of them, and some will look just terrible, and you’ll know. delete delete delete……