Oh Joy Sex Toy-Monthly Feature, the Hitachi Wand

It only seems fitting that I do a quick review on a tried tested and true old staple for our introduction to this first month’s Oh Joy Sex Toy, the Hitachi Wand.

Since this is coming from a sex worker’s perspective, it’s only fair that I present you with something that’s truly built to stand the test of time. Ok well not just time, but endurance, performance, versatility, and quality.

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A Device For Muscle Relaxation

Literally a product made by the Hitachi Ltd. company of Japan, this little lovely hit the market in 1968 as a device for muscle relaxation in the United States. Of course it didn’t take long for enthusiastic users to discover it’s more satisfying uses as a coveted sex toy.  

This, is a device that has a serious history within the sex positive movement. From masturbation education, the treatment of anorgasmia, female sexual arousal disorder, and a multitude of other sexual problems. Even The Scientific World Journal published their research findings from a group of 500 women. 

An enlightening read to say the least, of which I’ll leave you all to it.

Coveted Choice of Sex Workers

So let’s get back to why this little lovely is the most coveted choice of sex workers, and connoisseurs the world over.

From all my years as not only a user, but educator of toys, I start by asking folks this;

How do you prefer your sex toys to work, like the high pitched screech and wine of a dental drill, or the slow, low rumble of a Harley Davidson between your legs?

Usually the answer is unanimous, which always gave me the starting point of where to direct my curious patrons.

As the game of “20 Questions” ensues, one thing was always clear, that a hard wired, outlet inserted device was always the popular choice. The obvious reason? Well you tell me, would you really want to be on the “edge”, and suddenly be left without power from a depleted battery? 

I didn’t think so……..

Hitachi Wand Has A Constant Supply of Power

The Hitachi Wand has a constant supply of power from being directly plugged in. Yes rechargeable products are great, but they still can’t stand the test of time as batteries deplete memory and charge ability.

The design of this device hasn’t changed much since it made a debut on the market. Same white ABS plastic handle with the round textured softish hypo-allergenic “rubber” head atop a blue neck. A black on/off switch that has a high and low setting, and an anti-break cord guard with a serial number stamped into the plastic on the bottom. A simple, yet effective design.

You may wonder why a serial number has any importance? Simply put, there are a lot of fakes out there, and you’ll need the real meal deal. The quality is unsurpassed and continues to meet all the standards it boasts providing. 

As a product that originally was produced by Hitachi, it is now under the wings of Vibratex Inc. Which is listed on the product details sticker.

I Was Just Throwing Money To The Wind

Authenticity is key here, trust me. I’ve found myself caught up in the frenzy of new product releases by companies the world over. Lavishly throwing money to acquire toys that say they do the same, but with a few extra added features. They don’t, and in all honesty, I was just throwing money to the wind. 

Why fix, or “improve” on what ain’t broke? 

The Hitachi Wand is over 30 years old, and works like a hot damn.

Keeping it simple……

Vibration is transferred through the blue flexible neck to the round, textured head. Trembling power that comes from a single canister motor situated at the top inside the plastic handle.

Constant and Powerful Action

Although the Hitachi Wand produces vibration as the only means of stimulation, it’s this constant and powerful action that satisfies users.

As we know it was originally designed for external use on muscles outside of the genital region. The adventurous soon began to use it in areas prudish designers never even thought of.

To meet the demands of those eager for insertion, and beyond, third party attachments hit the market in abundance. 

Hummingbird Wand Essentials, Wand Essentials, to name a few, produce attachments for both internal and external pleasure. Keep in mind you’ll need to learn which lubricants are compatible with the attachments. I’ll talk about that in another Oh Joy Monthly.

Truly A Genderless Device

Insertion, external, solo, couples, male, female, and everyone in between. This is truly a genderless device made for everyone.

It’s strong and powerful, which is why many in the sex industry love to have this on hand, not only for personal, but use on excited clients. Easy to clean, water resistant and compatible with all lubricants. 

All you porn aficionados out there have probably seen this accessory in many of your favourite films, just saying!

By the way, it is rather quiet, which is a common and growing requirement amongst the sheepish.

It’s budget friendly, and most reputable resellers will provide you with a guarantee. Why spend a ton on numerous items, when one will do the job?

The unique requirements of each individual; because if intense, constant vibration isn’t for you, then this isn’t your toy.

But try it, you’ll most likely love it!

Enticingly Yours,

Velvet Steele