My Awkward Sexual Experience – Sex Workers Real Stories – Part 1

As sex workers, we experience a variety of sexual activities and delights in our day-to-day lives.  Most of the time, our sessions are fun and enjoyable, but sometimes things get awkward. Here is the first story in our installment of 3 awkward sexual experience stories from the front lines of the sex work world.

Siren’s Story

I worked both on camera and behind the scenes for a porn production studio that specialized in making everyday people’s sexual fantasies come true with local porn stars.  One of my main jobs was to take care of the everyday people who came in to live out their fantasies. I was the one who coached them through the entire experience.

One day, we had this beautiful man come in to live out his fantasy. The scene was underway, the chemistry was good, and as he got hard, the performer slipped a condom on.  Within seconds, I hear her calling out, “Stop!  Blood.” I rush over to her and ask what’s happened.  She said, “his condom, it’s filled with blood.” I responded, “okay, thanks. Go take 5 in the make-up room and I’ll come in and see you in a few minutes.” Then, I turned to him, glanced down at his erection, and saw blood filling the condom near the tip of his cock. He was in shock. So, I took him by the hand, smiled reassuringly, and led him to another room so we could figure out what was happening to him in private.  It was my job to calm him and make him feel that everything was okay. The truth was, I had no idea what was happening!

I took a deep breath and had him remove the condom, wipe himself off with some baby wipes, and explore the source of the bleeding. (By the way, blood gives me the heebie jeebies. It took every ounce of grace I had to step up in that moment and not freak out.) He soon discovered a 2 mm horizontal slash on his foreskin as the source of the bleeding. He placed pressure on the slash and his erection began to wane. Within a few moments the bleeding had stopped entirely and it was time for us to figure out what had happened.  Was this some sort of penile cancer? A crazy new STD? Is he a hemophiliac? I’d never seen or heard of anything like this before. We took a few breaths and I began some careful questioning.

Turns out, in order to look good on camera, he had shaved his entire groin area for the first time ever that morning, including the shaft and glans of his penis. Due to lack of experience, he inadvertently nicked his foreskin in the process. But, the nick wasn’t discovered until his penis swelled with blood during his erection at the beginning of the scene, busting open the fresh wound and causing the condom to fill with blood.

The team had gathered anxiously outside our room to find out what the cause of this bleeding could be so decisions could be made as to how best to move forward. As soon as the fantasy recipient was calm, I came out and told my team the news.  Then, I went and told the performer what had happened. I reassured her that she did the right thing by stopping the scene the moment she saw a problem, and as a result, she protected her health and everyone else on set too. We ended up rescheduling that scene for another day, and we shot some solo videos with the performer we’d hired for the canceled scene.


From that day forward, whenever I coached fantasy recipients through their experiences, I told them to never do something brand new for the first time on a porn set. 

For example, if you want to shave your body for a scene, practice doing it a few times before the big moment.  You have no idea what can go wrong when you are trying something for the first time..