In-call Vs Outcall –  What All Sex Workers Need to Know

Each element of the sex industry has its own lingo, and escorting is no different! One typical question asked is what is the difference between in-call and outcall. The answer to that question is a bit more complex than what can be answered in this first paragraph (more on this below) but for a quick and dirty definition, both in-call and outcall relate to the travel status of the sex worker.  

What is In-call?

If the session is taking place at a venue provided by the sex worker or agency, it is an in-call.  Some examples of in-calls are a client visiting a dominatrix’s dungeon, a client visiting a massage parlor, and a client visiting a brothel.

What is Outcall?

If the session is taking place at a venue provided by the client, it is an outcall. Some examples of outcalls are, a sex worker visiting client’s hotel room, a sex worker meeting client out for dinner, or a sex worker travelling with a client on vacation.

What are the Major Differences Between In-call & Outcall?

While hourly rates for companionship are the same between incalls and outcalls, there can be additional fees for each type of venue. For incalls, you may need to pay an additional parking fee, while for outcalls, you may need to cover the cost of drivers and taxis, as well as additional travel time.

For sex workers, in-call sessions tend to be safer because the venues are controlled by the agency or the provider. As such, a strategy is usually in place to ensure someone is always close by to help in case of emergency and that safety protocols are designated and followed.

Why I Prefer In-call

Personally, I prefer doing incalls. I know exactly how long it will take me to get to the agency’s venue, I know the room, I know where the tools are kept, and it’s easy for me to work my magic in the predictable atmosphere. Plus, my safety call is less than 5 minutes away, and that gives me peace of mind to really relax and bring the most to my session.

Incall also allows me to “rack-and-stack” my clients. All I need is 15 minutes in between appointments to turn a room around and make it ready for the next session. I’ve had many two- and three- consecutive one-hour gigs at the agency incall locations I worked at.  

It’s been great to make a bunch of cash in a short period of time and not have to go anywhere.  That doesn’t happen with outcalls. The best you can hope for is that your existing client extends the date.

In addition, I don’t like the travel time associated with outcalls. I don’t always get properly compensated for it, and I don’t like traveling to a part of town I don’t know well to meet somebody I don’t know. It feels riskier to me than meeting them at the agency venue.

A Final Tip – Regardless of if you Choose In-call or Outcall

An important tip for the new escorts, regardless of whether you are working incall or outcall, you should always get paid for your escort services on the day of the session. 

It’s standard practice, so if your agency is being shady about daily payment, go ahead and move on to a better one! Quality escort services are valuable, and there are lots of great places out there who will treat you right!