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Become a Contributor at The Naked Post

Write for The Naked Post

Want to become a Naked Post contributor and get paid for sharing your perspective as a consensual sex worker with the world? We are currently welcoming submissions from writers and content creators who would like to be freelance contributors for the Naked Post. We currently pay $150 CAD per 500-750 word story.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download the Naked Post Submission Guidelines package

Step 2: Login to our list of open Naked Post assignments, and assign yourself to a story idea.  

Step 3: Write 500-750 words on the subject

Step 4: Submit your piece and photos to us via our online portal within 21 days of assignment. Please note that we require 5-8 photos, copyrighted properly or royalty free, per story submitted from each author.

*Images can be of “elements” i.e. are sexy or relevant, legs, a juicy ass, tits, etc, that accompany the theme and feel of the article. Please size to 800px maximum width and height, of 72 dpi in jpg format.*

If we approve your first story, we will send you an on-boarding package that includes details on registering for payment, timelines, bonuses, and more! Then, you’ll have ongoing access to our list of open Naked Post assignments, and can contribute your stories on a timeline that works best for you!

How You Get Paid

Naked Post contributors receive either an e-transfer or Paypal payment for their approved submissions, within 21 days of the date of publishing on the website.

Have an Idea? 

Do you have a unique topic that’s not currently listed on our assignment board? Submit your idea to us for review!