Coloured Lights for Sex, Sex Work, and Beyond

Most coloured lights are certainly used for mood enhancement or alteration. Just remind yourself of that favourite concert you attended, or local disco you were busy shimmying at. But truthfully, do coloured lights truly enhance sex work and or the activities related to sex? I know so, so let’s talk coloured lights for sex, sex work, and beyond!

Let me explain.

You may be sitting there thinking about the “red light” ubiquitous with the sex districts the world over and how that came to be.

The folks over at Snopes had this to share.

“The term “red light district” is said to have originated with early railroaders. The men carried lit red lanterns when they left the train so in case of an emergency the crew caller would be able to find them. These lanterns were left outside bordellos when crew members stopped to pay the ladies a visit and sometimes were brought inside to be placed in a window.

Though widely believed, it may just be “folk” etymology. 

A railwayman’s lit red lantern left sitting in front of an establishment could just as easily have come to signify a saloon or a barber shop as it did a brothel. On the other hand, the lit red lantern quietly residing outside a nondescript building of unclear purpose could well have come to be seen as a discreet advertisement of what was for sale within.”

Oh those horny boys! Gotta love ‘em.

Known as De Wallen in Amsterdam, it is the oldest and largest red light district in the world. It’s not new, but has origins that humbly date back to 1270 when a bridge was built to connect the many islands of the city.

To say that this area hasn’t gone through its fair share of turbulence would be an understatement. The “red light” monicker we associate with this district didn’t actually become the much loved label till the 19th century. When resourceful brothel owners began to discretely arouse eager customers of the services within by using red gas lights. A street lantern very similar to that of our railroader’s beacon.

Red, becoming synonymous with paid sex, which to this day, still is. But is a red light good for sex, or just better as the calling card to the professionals eager to lend you a good hand?

Aside from colour association with sex and sex work, questions arise about what colours mean emotionally, what they mean ideologically, and how they stimulate.

Colour “mood” theory and stimulation is vast, bigger than what I can share here. It’s a culmination of studies conducted for centuries, by historians, psychologists alike, religious fanatics and artists the world over.

A great colour theory page I frequent on a regular basis is from the Art Therapy Blog It’s a comprehensive study on the psychology of colour and how it affects our mood. Subjects include:

1. What is Color Psychology?

2. Applying Color Psychology to Everday Life

3. Psychological Effects of Cool Colours

4. Psychological Effects of Warm Colours

5. Psychology of Color for Marketing & Advertising

6. Common Psychological Effects of Colours

7. Color Therapy & Healing

8. Color Meanings & Symbolism

9. Meaning & Symbolism Charts

In all honesty there aren’t a lot of good sites dedicated to direct conversation about sex and the colours of light, but the Art therapy Blog will certainly give you tools to better understand it. All you need to do is add that comprehension and use your sexual wiles to do the rest.

You see, the art of colour stimulation for optimal effect, is not as “cut and dry” for the simple minded, or to be used as an easy application, and definitely not for the lazy. 

Colour is quite frankly to be taken seriously, especially when it plays into erotic stimuli for the purposes of gratification. Not only for the obvious sensual release, but also empowerment for the provider in control of their session, and services on offer. 

Get-togethers that range from a straight one-on-one GFE experience to the full on fetish scenario in the most elaborate setting. The full sensory experience of sight, sound, scent, touch and taste.

The right colour and type of lighting usually helps to amplify the frame of mind the provider is trying to stimulate within the client. Perfect accent lighting helps to elevate the stature of the provider, to deliver that “wow” effect, not only during a gig, but for long lasting memory. A recollection that will keep the clients longing for more and the next session, if done right.

A prime example of successful lighting comes from the classic shows of the Las Vegas topless showgirls of yesteryear still popular today. Shows that embedded a memory in the consciousness of those who have seen them. Lights that bounce off the bejeweled costumery, and stunning bodies of the amazon goddesses traipsing across a stage for eager viewers.

Another modern take on show lighting can be observed within the Parisien Cabaret show Le Crazy Horse. A pageant that uses geometric shapes, wild patterns, and of course colours. The effect gives the illusion it seems to be alive dancing across the semi nude bodies that gyrate and undulate to adoring crowds sipping on champagne eating copious amounts of caviar. 

So decadent, I love it!

My point in using large scale shows as examples is to make it clear. To get you the reader, to understand that this type of lighting control can also be done on a small scale in the private comfort of your own locations using simple techniques and equipment.

One of my favourite devices is the Party Lights Disco Ball. It has a multitude of settings and is great in small spaces, and fits within any budget.

Having said all of this, colour and lighting is also subject to the taste of the person who chooses to use the multitude of beautiful hues to enhance their workplace, or personal space and bodies.

Breaking it down, I’ve tried to simplify this for you, but again I highly encourage all you readers to follow my above links for added inspiration. 

The top 5 being my choices, but don’t be afraid to make your own choices, and be creative. 

Purple; exotic, sophistication, in control 

This colour is used by many as the enticement of what is to come. Commonly used in many dungeon play-spaces.

Red; love, romance, energy, excitement, intensity

The obvious colour of lust and sex, mostly used for subtle applications.

Pink; romance, love, gentle, calming

A soft and gentle colour used for the GF experience, and again subtle applications.

Orange; happy, energetic, excitement, enthusiasm

An emotive colour that can speed things up, so to speak, but also truly gives off atmosphere when layered with other colours

Blue; calmness, serenity

Used a lot for easy slow evenings or situations.

Yellow; happiness, laughter, cheery

Great when combined with other colours, garish on its own if used overwhelmingly.

Brown; reliability, warmth, comfort

Great when mixed with other colours.

Black; authority

When one thinks of black, it’s not so much “black” but a dimmed lighting effect, that even with a light gel appears warm.

Green; natural

Gray; neutral

White; purity

As a matter of personal preferences I use mostly incandescent lights with coloured gels for light to filter through. Use of coloured lampshades is also something to seriously consider. Most, if not all lamps come with a shade of some kind.

Mix and match your colours. Play with intensity, brightness, direction, and spotlighting.

My hope is this little bit of writing will leave you with a better understanding, and control of your lighting display, and for your desired outcome.

and…..because I’m naturally curious, show me what you’ve got, what you come up with! 


,Enticingly Yours

Velvet Steele