Are You Charging Enough for Sex? A Guide for Sex Workers.

As an independent escort you set your own rates, your hours of business, and decide how you choose to conduct business. Which begs the question: am I charging enough for sex?

The short answer is, the fee you decide upon will make a huge difference to your business and your lifestyle. 

There are many questions to ask yourself and many things to consider when deciding what to charge. Whether you’re totally new, or have been in business for years, it’s always a good idea to evaluate and re-evaluate your rates often. 

Below, I’ve gone over some of the top points that you should consider when thinking about the rates you charge as a sex worker.

#1 – The cheaper your rates, the busier you will be. 

How busy do you want to be? Are you fine with taking several clients in one day? 

Making $200 per client x 3 clients per day pays you double the money than taking only one client per day at $300. And if your rate is $500, maybe you will only be able to land 2 or 3 appointments per week. 

Doing maths is important. When you have a high sex drive, why not capitalize on it? There is likelihood you will end up with more regulars if your fees are lower. 

By building your client base quickly, you could increase your prices later when you are well known and have developed a great reputation. 

Some escorts choose to announce their fees as ‘start-up pricing’, and those that become regulars are able to be ‘grandfathered’ in with the lower fee. New clients get the new higher rates.

Being a ‘busy’ escort may be something you are not interested in. 

More clients means your risk is higher in several ways, and you could easily face burn out which will shorten your career. 

You also may wish to have more ‘discerning’ clients who would rather see someone who charges more because they have fewer clients. 

Perception is a big part of the fantasy we sell. Deciding on what kind of escort you are will allow you to pump up the benefits of how you choose to do your work.  

#2 – Look at every aspect of your service and compare it to other providers in the marketplace. 

The city you are in will factor a great deal into how much you charge. 

What you offer will be the next most significant. Full on Pornstar experience? Girlfriend Experience, or are you the Queen of Blow-&-Go? 

#3 – Where you meet is also important

You may be out called only, in which case you will always include your travel costs. 

You may offer incall only and have your own beautiful work studio, fully equipped with costuming, toys, and all kinds of delightful beverages. Every extra you offer deserves to be considered! 

You may offer both incall and outcall and decide to charge more for outcall to include payment for travel time and costs. 

#4 – Your offering could be all-inclusive, or A La Carte

What I offered was a Girlfriend Experience (all services, except anal sex), and a Pornstar experience that includes anal, along with attitude. 

#5 – Do you have everything going for you? Youth, great looks and a great body? 

The power of youth and physical beauty is highly prized, although many of us know being young and perfect means understanding less about humans, and not having as much experience. 

Sadly, youth is wasted on the young, often! We know, though, that the young providers who look great will demand more, because clients are willing to pay more! Make hay while the sun shines! That’s dinosaur-speak for ‘take advantage while you can!’

#6 – Take into consideration all the time it takes for you to be prepared to do your work to the level that is expected

Are you ready at all times to participate in a bikini contest?

Are you advertising a perfect body? 

Working out is necessary to keep up that figure. You deserve compensation for all the hard work you put in to look great! 

#7- Do you look ready for a photo shoot for every client? Some clients want that perfect look. 

There are clients who don’t even care for makeup and all that glam. Why work hard getting ready if it isn’t expected or even wanted? 

Decide what your brand will be and stick to it. You will be known for your brand and the clients who like that look will seek you out. 

Less complications mean lower fees. The more work you put in to achieve a look, the more your clients should pay. 

Age and Imperfections do not mean you need to charge less. You need to look at the full package of who you are, both your physique and your personality. 

Clients come in all types, and desire to have a fantasy encounter with their own idea of beauty and personality. 

#8- What kind of person do you want to attract? 

A mature woman could be exactly what that 24 year old client is looking for. You may not get as many calls as the ‘perfect standard of beauty’ providers get. 

I personally called myself a “Mature Lite BBW”. 

I was a size 16, 5’8” and my weight was around 200 pounds. I was 46 years old! But I had loads of regulars and I never had a problem finding new clients at my $250 to $400 per hour rate, back when the top ladies were charging $300. 

A few did charge more, but many, many charged a lot less. My age did not seem like a detractor at all. But I did have a lot of other things going for me that really helped. 

#9 – When you love what you do, the money will follow

This was very very true in my case. 

A client knows when you are sincere, and you really want to give the best experience  to him. Wanting to please is the attitude that is the core of customer service. Being a ‘people pleaser’ while you still maintain your boundaries is not easy but when done with compassion, keeps us safe, and our clients happy. 

The more you care about making them happy with your service, the more you can charge. The reviews you get will always be influenced by the feelings your client has with how much you wanted to please him.

Great reviews drive clients to you in droves. There is nothing that can offer a more solid foundation for your business! 

Getting consistently fantastic reviews isn’t easy and requires a lot of insistence upon yourself to be your absolute best for every client. The top reviewed providers will always be able to charge in the upper end of the scale in their niche. 

Once you have been accepted as professional, worthwhile and sexy as hell, your business can’t help but skyrocket. 

#10 – Choose how you will deal with the extra clientele! 

A small increase in price will be seen as inevitable. 

You can’t be a screaming deal forever! Knowing your worth is really important! Once you’ve earned your place as a great provider, you must charge enough to be seen as a serious contender. Because you ARE! Do not undersell yourself!

#11- Branding is everything

Knowing who you want to present to your clients is extremely important. 

Have a very firm idea of your boundaries. Knowing what you are really good at and what you want to stay away from.

By marketing your excellence in specific areas, you will attract clients who will get exactly what they want. This means you will get great reviews from them! 

When you can provide the best service in your chosen niche, you will become a favourite provider to many of the clients that seek out that expertise in your city. 

By proclaiming your expertise, you will be considered more valuable, and you can charge that little bit (or lot) more! 

#12- Be ready to change your prices at any time

The one thing you can be sure of is that times will change. 

There may be a recession or a time when clients are scarce. You must be in tune with what is happening out there. 

Be in contact with other providers, or with a message board in your area. Keep your ear to the ground so you can be flexible with a ‘sale’ if you need to. There is no respect lost if you decide to discount your rates a bit to help convince your clients that they can afford to see you when times are tougher. 

Conversely, you can be sure that when other providers are increasing their rates, you should too!

Wrapping it up

Hopefully this information is helpful to you in creating a perfect set of fees that is both fair and competitive enough to get you exactly the right number and type of clientele. 

Remember that in this business, you are your own boss and you determine your value! I believe there is no other business out there that reflects ‘We reap what we sow” better than the sex industry!