7 Reasons Why Sex Work is the Best Work

So you’re wondering why sex work is the best work? I’ve got the answers you’re looking for with my 7 reasons why consensual adult sex work is the best work. Let’s start things off from the beginning.

When I was six years old, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  With great enthusiasm, I declared to her – and anybody else who would listen – that I wanted to be an exotic dancer. Being an exotic dancer was the most glamorous career I could imagine – after becoming a movie star, of course!  

The way I saw it, exotic dancers were beautiful women who got to dress up in sexy make-up and clothes, and travel around dancing on stage for adoring fans who threw money at them. And, it was reserved only for the most beautiful, talented women. It brought them financial freedom, independence, and invitations to the best parties to mingle with important and (sometimes) famous people. What woman wouldn’t want to be an exotic dancer?

Funny that I never saw exotic dancers – or any other type of sex workers – at my career fairs growing up. Hmm. But, thankfully, that didn’t stop me from being able to enter the world of consensual adult sex work in Vancouver and have fun, short careers, selling different types of services for great money. In fact, I declare that sex work is the best work for people who are trying to achieve their goals in life!  Here’s why:

1. Anybody can do it

Whether you’re a 19-year old twink or a 50-year old divorcee, or whether you prefer providing in-person or virtual services, there is a type of sex work that is right for you!  

In-person services include companion, massage, dance, fetish, escort, and more. Virtual services include chat, live webcam performances, recorded clips, custom photo sets, domination, and more.  

I recommend that you explore the possibilities and see what types of sex work fit in with your personality and comfort zone.

2. It’s good-to-great money

Clients purchasing sexual services are prepared to pay good money for top quality experiences.  As a mid-level escort, I charge several hundred dollars an hour for my time – 40x the current minimum wage, and top tier escorts charge much more than that. Even at the street level, escorts charge up to 10x the current minimum wage.

3. You get to work shorter hours than the average job

Because you can make 10x to 40x the current minimum wage (or more!) by doing sex work, this also means you can put fewer hours into making money and use the bonus time to focus on building your life into what you want it to be.  

If you could make a week’s worth of cash in half a day, what would you do with the rest of your week? Imagine the life you could build for yourself with all this extra time.

4.  You get to enjoy a flexible schedule

Another great thing about sex work is that no matter what time of day it is, there’s a client out there who is horny and ready to purchase sexual services. With sex work, we can set our own hours and serve clients when it fits in with our schedule. Sex work gives you the freedom to live your life as you wish, and to only work when you want.

5. You can work from anywhere

Sex work gives you the freedom to choose where you work. In call at the agency condo?  Out call at a hotel?  Perform live at the strip club? Record clips in the bedroom at home? Film performances on location? Provide services to the local population? Serve clients in an exotic destination?  

You have all kinds of options in how and where you choose to engage in sex work.

6. Looking good is part of the job

Part of your job is looking sexy for your clients, and that means you need to invest in looking good. I think this is great, because when I look good, I feel good! And when I feel good, I have all the energy I need to provide my clients with the magical experiences they expect.  

Plus, it’s nice to have an excuse to get my nails done, buy the pretty new lingerie, wear the sexy shoes, go for the weekly massage, and overall, take excellent care of me.

7. You get to walk on the wild side

It’s a thrill to be a sex worker. You get paid to be someone’s “naughty little secret,” and that feels sexy and powerful. They desire you, and you have the specialized carnal knowledge and skills to provide an amazing fantasy sexual experience for your clients. You’re the one they tell their secrets to. You’re the one they release their inner selves with. You take them for a walk on the wild side – and that is fun!

I hope I have now convinced you that sex work is the best work!  In fact, I dare anyone to show me another profession with such great earning potential and workplace flexibility.

Now, you’re probably wondering if I ever worked as a exotic dancer. 

Well, yes, I did eventually end up as an exotic dancer for a few days. But I realized pretty quickly that stripping wasn’t my thing. It’s not that I couldn’t manage the dancing part, but the “hustle” part of the work wasn’t for me. So, I found other services that I like to provide, and currently do that instead.